Civil Architecture
Elzsi Enterprises provide design, estimation and construction services for residential, commercial and industrial buildings and structures. We have at our disposal competent expertise in architectural, engineering, quantity surveying and construction management who enable us to carry out any design, construction and/or restoration works.Our primary objective when approaching any project is to provide our clients (individuals, corporate or government) with cost effective designs and construction solutions, at all times maintaining quality and customer satisfaction.

Our civil engineering team provides site design and planning services for public and private entities from master planning and zoning, through the design phase, finishing with permitting and construction. Our civil engineering teamis complemented by surveying, facility design, transportation, water and natural resources experts to provide comprehensive and cost-effective solutions to our clients’ needs. The type of work we undertake includes:

Town & Regional Planning
Elzsi experience in design and town planning is represented through a well laid out, clean, green city. It keeps pacewith growing civic needs of the people by continuously assessing, controlling and guiding the urban growth.

We offer a comprehensive range of town planning services to business clients and private individuals. Planning is more than completing and submitting forms – although that is an important part – our role can also involve much more.We have a wide range of clientele including householders, landowners & farmers, renewable energy providers, commercial & residential developers, architects, surveyors, designers and other professional service organisations.

Our multidiscipline capability equips us to address the economic, social, physical and environmental aspects of any development in a fully integrated manner. We have an established reputation for provid ing imaginative, practical and independent advice, taking projects of all kinds and sizes, for both public and private sector clients, from initial study to completion.

Building & Urban Land Surveying
Land surveying is the art and science of establishing or reestablishing corners, lines, boundaries, and monuments of real property (land), based upon recorded documents, historical evidence, and present standards of practice. Some of our Land Surveying Services are:

Residential Land Survying | Commercial Land Surveying | Indistrial Surveying | Monitoring Well Locations

A Building Survey is a wide-ranging inspection of a property. It is suitable for all properties, in particular: • Listed Buildings.
• Older Properties.
• Buildings constructed in an unusual way, regardless of age.
• Buildings that you intend to renovate or change.
• Buildings that have already been renovated or significantly altered.

A Building Survey examines all accessible elements of the property.